April 2019

White Flow Elbrus

Fernanda was able to run another very high mountain. She just did it to the top of Europe 5,620m high. From the base of the mountain to the Elbrus' Summit: 7h40mins (up and down). "Finally there was a good weather day that allowed me to run up and down this cold mountain, starting at 5.15am to the top of Europe 18,510ft. It was sunny most of the day, only an hour of snow and -23°C at the top. It was a huge effort for me, but each time I feel better running in altitude, knowing my body well and how it moves with the lack of oxygen. I froze the tip of my nose a few days ago and so I protected my face with tape yesterday. The Elbrus is a mountain where the main problem is its low temperatures, -25 to -31°C this week, and from Pastukhov Rock 4,700m to the summit I found a lot of ice, but it's a beautiful mountain because it's all white.

And as part of my visit here in Russia I have helped the organization "crisiscenter.ru" they are women who have suffered some kind of violence and are in the recovery process. I hope to continue learning and dreaming with mountains like this. It is amazing to observe my limits and no limits, to find out more about the people and the inhospitable natural environment where I go. Really where I see my essence.