White Flow Aconcagua

My dream was to run UP and DOWN the fastest possible the Aconcagua summit! Aconcagua is the highest mountain of America at 6.960m (22.837 ft). It is one of the Seven Summits and the only one out of Himalayas. During the past years and also this January many ultra runners girls have tried the record but any girl could done it yet.

My experience was tough, -30ºC degrees, 50km/h of wind, running in wild and high places at night alone without oxygen! I've spent 45 days training on high altitud, running and exploring around 5.000m and 6.000m everyday, contemplaring magic landscapes and feeling strong. I had 2 attempts before the possible one. First attempty in 2015 and second attempty in January 2016.
The dream came true on February 22nd 2016, running UP and DOWN from the park entrance in 22h52'. I had an amazing experience running pretty good and confident about my body, aclimatation and emotions. I failed twice before and I was supper happy being the first woman able to do it RUNNING now.

I was environmental laywer in my past and I worked with recycle programs too. This is the why I was interested to learn and share how a big Natural Park can managed the garbage! The Aconcagua Park has 3 ways to manage the rubbish! 1) Plastic bag to personal waste. 2) Big expedition companies take care of huge rubbish from all. 3) The helicopter take out from the mountain the 28.000 kg fecal residuos (shit) that are left on high altitud by the andinistas people (around 7500 andinistas per season)! The Park is happy with this work, but it's still bad because the recycle system doesn't work. All the rubbish from the Park goes to Mendoza (big city) but it is not recycled there! I've spoken with the Consul in Mendonza, and they are trying to concentrate the rubbish in another place close Mendonza to be recycled!