August 2020

White Flow Alps

A speed ascent and descent of the Gran Paradiso classic route 4.061m/13.323ft in solo style from 1879m (6.160ft) without ropes and, in the sequence, a summit of Matterhorn 4.478m/14690ft to face an emotional chellenge.

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April 2019

White Flow Elbrus

Fernanda was able to run another very high mountain. She just did it to the top of Europe 5,620m high.

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September 2017

White Flow Kilimanjaro

Fernanda dreams to be in Tanzania to help the poor african children and also try to set a new record - the fastest ascent and descent – FKT – in the highest mountain of Africa.

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January 2016

White Flow Aconcagua

Female world record of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, 6,989 meters height. First woman able to climb up and down from the Aconcagua Park gate 22h52min (up and down) and 14h53min (up).

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November 2013

White Flow Nepal

Run the Everest Trail Race, one of the hardest races in the world, 160 kilometers and 29,000 meters gain in six days.

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February 2013

White Flow Favela da Rocinha

Run inside the most dangerous and largest favela in Brazil through the paths, stairs, streets and roads of this "different mountain" in a vertical ascent, from its base to its top.

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October 2012

White Flow Camino de Santiago

Run the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a famous path of pilgrims that cross France and Spain through the mountains, roads and villages. 860 kilometers in 10 days without assistance or support and sleeping in shelters.

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